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A.I. First Alabama Snapshot

A.I. First Alabama Snapshot

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The A.I. First Alabama | Global Innovation Accelerator Platform is designed to develop, prove and grow cutting-edge technology and the enterprises that develop B2B solutions in a matter of months through scale-up with a five-pillar approach:

• PORTFOLIO: Target and access a critical mass of high-quality B2B cutting edge technology companies to help build solutions and enable digital transformation

• STRATEGY/ MENTORS: Provide strategy and consulting to scale-ups and high-growth, high-potential clients to align business solution and digital


• DIGITAL PARTNERS: Connect with systems integration digital partners to implement scale and maintain large client enterprise solutions.

• FUNDING: Facilitate strategic partnership and investments to fund earlier-stage companies through scale-up-round financing.

• CLIENT INTERACTION: Provide access to a critical mass of marque service providers and corporations with connections at the CXO level. The Business is open to collaborate and share with existing innovation centers, re-purpose available property, buildings and structures. We identify opportunities centrally located and accessible within the MSA to co-work / co-innovate / co-habitate and optimize ideation, funding, coaching, leading, mentoring and execution of Alabama-centric technology innovation at scale.

Key Components



1. Future Driven Asset Allocation: we only invest in A.I. and Automation. Alabama ecosystem relevant. Ideally, preferred placements. Our criteria are guided by AI 1st AL complete requirements.

2. Proven AI Expertise Value Investing: we only invest in ecosystem enhancing companies with logarithmic growth potential and the right, strategic intellectual property.

3. Open Innovation Platforms and Accelerators: we interface our portfolio companies with our five pillar open innovation platform to co-work, co-innovate and cofund with: the right clients, the right funding, the right enterprise, credible mentors and seasoned integration partners.

4. Shared Services Platform: P/E component can combine, re-structure and offer companies around critical capabilities as well as key needs of our regional, national and international partners.

5. Public Private Partnerships: we create significant PPPs, new incentives and economic development zones. Consistent with federally supported laws and recently passed Alabama Incentives Modernization (AIM) Act.

6. Foreign Direct Investments: AI 1st AL innovation initiative enables and attracts premier international funding.

7. Data Science, AI/ML insights: portfolio decisions, deal pipeline, execution of AI 1st AL "full court press" and all aspects of this impact strategy supported by leading edge analytics.

8. Unprecedented Scale of Initiative: we call this the "Shenzhen effect": full spectrum, cross platform / vertical, industrial scale, global footprint, brick and mortar components, marketing, branding, education campaigns.

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